I’m Julia. I’m on my last year in my 20s. I’m an avid traveler, learner and reader. I don’t necessarily have a set number of countries I want to see or things I want to do before I die — rather, I’d just like to live as actively as possible. I’m not a collector of things, but I am a collector of experiences.

(Also, I lied, I collect books, too.)

My BA was in English Literature and Language and my MA is in TESOL. I will finish May 2020 and then I hope to teach in South Korea for the next 2-3 years. Of course, I plan to use this as a place to discuss everything I learn and experience while abroad.

I have also taught in China, Russia, and Poland, as well as in the United States. This is my fourth year teaching middle school English in the US and I love it.

As of now, I’ve been to 13 states and 18 countries. Since I plan on leaving Florida for a few years in the foreseeable future, I am also going to start trying to see what I can of my own state. I hope to document all of those experiences here.

These are my cats, Drogon (the black one) and Dracarys. I hate how much I love them and I’m going to miss them a lot while I’m abroad, but I know that my best friends, one of which lives with me, will take amazing care of them.

And that’s it! Really, this is just a place to encourage travel, open-mindedness and a thirst for knowledge and new experiences. I hope you enjoy your stay.